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Customs Law -(No 4458)

Official Journal Date : 4.11.1999
Official Journal Number : 23866

The scope of this law is to lay down the customs rules that shall apply to goods and means of transport entering into and exiting from the Customs Territory of the Republic of Turkey

Attention please!!! English translation of this Law is valid as of 07.Jul.2009. Amendments that had been made to the Law after 07.Jul.2009, have not been translated into English. (Tariff-Tr.com)

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Territory of Turkey for a temporary period, Souvenirs sent by a natural person to the other or imported by the travellers, not exceeding the total value of EURO 300, Medal of honor or other awards, Awards received within the framework of international relations, educational, scientific and cultural goods, scientific tools and devices, tools and devices for medical diagnosis, treatment and research, biological or chemical substances, and animals used for scientific research, therapeutic substances of human origin, blood grouping and tissue typing reagents, substances for the quality control of the medicaments, Importation concerning the performance of a commercial activity, Capital goods and other materials imported due to the transfer of offices, Products obtained by the farmers, Seeds, fertilizer and other products used in processing the soil and crops, Samples of no commercial value, Sample goods and models of no negligible value, Printed advertisement documents and materials for advertisement purposes, Products used or consumed in a commercial fair or a similar activity, Goods imported for inquiry, analysis or testing, Goods used in transportation, Auxiliary articles used for hoarding and protection of the goods, Hays, animal fodder, animal foodstuffs and medicaments used in the transportation of live animals, Fuel oil and mineral oil available in the means of transport and special containers, Equipment and operation materials of the sea and air means of transport, Importation of information material, Goods sent to the organizations protecting the copy rights or industrial and commercial patent rights, Tourist promotion materials, Various documents and goods of no commercial value, Importation of the goods related with funeral, Goods for the construction, upkeep or ornamentation of military monuments and cemeteries, Coffins, funerary urns and ornamental funerary articles, Goods for the disabled, Goods sent to those affected by natural disasters, Pharmaceutical products imported to be used in international sports contests organized in Turkey, Returned Goods, Products of Sea-fishing and other Products Taken from the Sea, Border Trade, Postal Customs Formalities, postal bags and parcels brought into the Customs Territory of Turkey, Commercial goods brought, by postal means, Provisions on Fuel Oil and Food, fuel and oil used by ships, boats, other sea vehicles and aircraft during their external trip, food brought from abroad by ships, boats, other sea vehicles and aircraft, fuel, oil and food in warehouses, Formalities Regarding the Goods to be Disposed, Goods to be Disposed, Samples remaining from the analysis, Excessive goods, Goods abandoned, Perishable goods, Goods, seized, goods subject to auction, goods subject to disposal, Incurrence of a Customs Debt, Customs Debt, customs debt on importation, import duties, consumption or use, in a free zone, of goods liable to import duties, goods that disappear, customs debt on exportation, export duty, agreements to which Turkey is a party, Assessment, Notification and Payment of Customs Duties, Duties Assessment Records, Customs Duties Assessment Records, letters of guarantee, partial security, amount of security, Securities to be accepted for customs duties, release of security, cash deposit, acceptance of security, Extinction of Customs Debt, Repayment and Remission of Duties, repayment, remission, Obligations of Port and Warehouses, Ports, examination and analysis of postal parcels, Working hour and Overtime Pays, Uniform of the Customs Personnel, Customs Flag, Proceeding of Transactions at Customs, Transactions at Customs, Customs Consultants, assistant customs consultants, Authorization License of Assistant Customs Consultant, penalties, fines, application of penalties, prescription period of the fines, Penalties to be charged on operations that result in tax loss, Fines Relating to Irregularities, Appeals, right to appeal, second analysis
* This Law is amended by 5911 numbered Law to be effective from 07.Oct.2009. Translation of these amendments to English have not been completed yet. (Tariff-Tr.com)
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